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“Enhance your career by developing the mindset you need that will carry you to new heights. This motivational book will guide you through a personal and professional rebranding.”
- Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University ( Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company ( High Point, North Carolina

Climbing Out of a Rut is just what the doctor ordered – a total career resuscitation. I know first-hand that Dr. Hills’ advice really works because following it enabled me to write and publish my first professional article. That’s something I had wanted to do for a long time but that I’d always put on the back burner. Thank you, Dr. Hills, for giving me the confidence I needed and for inspiring me to take action.” - Rebecca Umberger, CMA, CPM Adjunct Instructor of Health Technologies, Medical Assisting Division Stark State College of Technology, North Canton, Ohio ( Vice President of Development, Family Care Centers of Ohio ( Cleveland, Ohio

“Straightforward, no-nonsense advice. Take it to heart and you will be the chief beneficiary of Dr. Laura Hills' unique insight into career satisfaction and progression. You’ll walk away from this book understanding that if you control the controllables that there is no limit to what you can accomplish.” - Graham Watson, Chief Executive Positive Leadership Limited ( Earlsferry, Fife, Scotland

“Reading Dr. Laura Hills' Climbing Out of a Rut is an awakening experience. I love this book! It's short, to the point, real, motivating, and can help so many people. As a Federal Career Consultant, I meet people week after week who are not only stuck and unhappy with their work but also physically sick from it because of their dissatisfaction and frustration. Life is too short to work only for a paycheck. Read Dr. Laura Hills' fabulous book and you’ll be motivated to shift from job thinking to career thinking – and to implement meaningful and positive changes in your life.” - Kathryn Troutman, Federal Career Consultant President, The Resume Place, Inc. ( Author of The Federal Resume Guidebook, 5th Edition and six other books Baltimore, Maryland

“Reading Climbing Out of Rut reminds me of having coffee with a favorite revered aunt or uncle – they easily and kindly dispense suggestions and advice from their life experience like cookies. The advice is free, the assignments are hard, and the rewards are HUGE!  Dr. Laura Hills is with you all the way and clearly wants each reader to achieve his or her highest potential.” - Michael R. Van Dyke, Principal Serengeti Enterprises LLC ( Developing Everyday Leadership and Management Blue Mont, Virginia

“If you’re feeling stuck, you may feel a lot like a classic movie hero who was running through the jungle and who fell into quicksand. If so, think of Climbing Out of a Rut as the vine you’ve been reaching for to pull yourself out. In this concise, fast-moving book, Dr. Laura Hills gives us a collection of practical strategies laced with stories and humor to ignite our passion and to get us out of the muck. It’s a must read.”  - Valli Swerdlow, President VALLI Associates ( BABY VOOMER™ Career Coach and Leadership Coach for Baby Boomers Vienna, Virginia

Climbing Out of a Rut is a brilliant and comprehensive manual for every career professional seeking to elevate his or her business and personal self. Dr. Laura Hills has compiled an extraordinary wealth of information to rekindle the spirit, boost morale, and build sustainable skills. The book is loaded with valuable how-to’s for immediate application. The detailed checklists offer the reader masterful techniques designed to inspire self-growth, foster accountability, and increase productivity. Dr. Hills is truly a master of understanding human fortitude.” - Nancy Borg, Professional Organizer Owner, Move the Mess ( Woodbury, New York

“If Dr. Laura Hills' book, Climbing Out of a Rut, were a food, it would be a big, high slice of chocolate cake! Climbing out of a Rut is so good, you may devour it all in one sitting. Or you may savor each of the 101 secrets slowly and gleefully. Climbing Out of a Rut is chock-full of smart, easy-to-follow guidance for all manner of professionals, and the carefully crafted assessments and exercises are fun and thought-provoking. This little book is richly satisfying, and I've already been back for seconds!”  - Jessica Johnson, Strategic Consultant Trafficklight Consulting, Moving You and Your Business Forward Annandale, Virginia

“Most every career can use a jolt at some point. We all get stuck, bored and caught in a rut. However, Dr. Hills’ book can prevent this from happening, or, if you are already in a rut, help you climb out of it. This book is loaded with pearls of wisdom, including my favorite: Let others life you higher. In my opinion, Climbing Out of a Rut should be required reading for everyone, whether you’ve worked for decades or just one day.  It’s a setting-you-up-for-success model that will help you for years to come. I highly recommend it.”  - John Lusher, Social Media Consulting, Development, and Management President John Lusher Consulting ( Roanoke, Virginia

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Dr. Laura Hills   Blue Pencil Publishing, 2012   ISBN 978-0-9854685-1-4   eISBN 978-0-9854685-1-4  
Blue Pencil Career Success Monograph™   Dare Resource from The 6D Framework for Career Success™ 


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